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A killer app leads you to doom in low-budget Scare Dares

03.19.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Mike Flanagan, director of the recently-released horror title ABSENTIA has a new creepy trick up his sleeve with SCARE DARES, a low-budget chiller that blends found footage with narrative footage. Not only that, it will come with its own smartphone app! (There's an app for everything...)

According to Variety, SCARE DARES centers on a smartphone app that leads users to known areas of paranormal phenomena in central California. Things go wrong when a group of estranged friends kick off a reunion weekend by visiting ghostly hotspots and engaging in occult dares.

Courtney Bell, Katie Parker, Justin Gordon and Morgan Peter Brown will all star in SCARE DARES. They were all featured in Flanagan's ABSENTIA as well.

Shooting on the Fallback Plan Productions film begins later this year. Producers evidently plan to launch a smartphone app that will tie in with the movie.

Katie Parker

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever participated in your own "scare dare"?
Source: Variety



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