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Alex Garland will make directorial debut with sci-fi thriller Ex Machina

03.19.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Alex Garland, top-notch screenwriter of films like 28 DAYS LATER and DREDD, will make his directorial debut on a sci-fi indie backed by mega-producer Scott Rudin (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN). The film is called EX MACHINA, and it boasts the kind of plot reminiscent an episode of "The Outer Limits".

Ex Machina centers on a billionaire programmer who handpicks a young employee to spend a week at his remote estate and participate in a test involving his latest invention -- an artificially intelligent female robot.

Something tells me that little test will not go as planned.

DNA Films’ Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich (also behind DREDD) are producing alongside Rudin and Garland; the production is eyeing a summer or fall shoot for the film with a budget of around $15 million.

Extra Tidbit: Garland also wrote the screenplay for THE BEACH (co-starring Virginie Ledoyen, pictured above), which was based on his novel.
Source: THR



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