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Beacon gets Haunted

09.25.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
There's a new title for the previously announced flick THE BEACON, from director Michael Stokes, and the new title may just blow your mind. Ready for it? HAUNTING AT THE BEACON is the new official title for the film, starring Teri Polo, David Rees Snell, Michael Urie, and Michael f*cking Ironside.

See, adding that HAUNTING in there really makes it that much more scary, while also cashing on every other horror film that made some coin in the last year (HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT and THE HAUNTING OF MOLLY HARTLEY both come immediately to mind). Plus, what's up with the kid from THE GRUDGE chilling out on the poster? Seriously, at least try to hide the fact that you're ripping off an image from something else. Yeesh.

Since it's been awhile since we've talked BEACON, let's dip into that synopsis real quick: While trying to get their lives back on track after the loss of their four year old son, Bryn and Paul Shaw move to the charming old Beacon Apartments. Bryn begins seeing a ghostly little boy skulking around the building. With the help of an eccentric young professor and a tough old beat cop, Bryn tries to uncover the details of the boy's death. She hopes that freeing the child will allow him to carry a message to her son. Too late she realizes a second malevolent entity stalks the halls of the Beacon: one that doesn't want the boy to escape.

Yikes! Talk about long! If you don't feel like reading the novel of a synopsis, you can check out the trailer for the flick below. Word on the street is that BEACON is still seeking distribution, so it may be awhile before we see this sucker hit the big (or small) screen. Adding that HAUNTING in there kinda whored it out a little bit, but the film itself doesn't look too bad. It's gotta be better than CONNECTICUT or MOLLY HARTLEY that's for sure!

Enjoy the new trailer below, and stick around for more on HAUNTING AT THE BEACON as it breaks!

Extra Tidbit: Writer Michael Stokes also wrote IRON EAGLE IV.
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