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Bill Murray's more keen on doing Zombieland 2 than Ghosbusters 3!

03.29.2011by: Jake Dee

If you were Bill Murray, would you rather play FDR or a zombie? Wait, they're not one in the same?

Most of the trades today are covering a story that has Bill Murray set to play Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Roger Michell's HYDE PARK ON THE HUDSON. Nothing is official, as it's always super hard for Murray to ascertain anything other than his tee-time at the next golf event, but the dudes over at Geekscape spoke to Murray directly about appearing in ZOMBIELAND 2. Check out what he had to say:

Alright, so I get the feeling, as he mentioned, that Bill's just being well "mannered." Not that I don't believe him, I just tend to agree with what Eric wrote last month, where he posited that the window on a ZOMBIELAND 2 is all but sealed shut. First off, Woody Harrelson spoke of how he's not really a sequel man, and that he thinks most sequels are worse off 99% of the time. Then there's Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone (below), both of whom have gone on to much higher profile, and frankly busier schedules (Emma is now courting Peter Parker, as you know, and Eisenberg can basically choose his own material after landing an Oscar nod for portraying Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg).

Then there's Murray. Dude's become much more than just a comedic actor the last few years, check out LOST IN TRANSLATION, BROKEN FLOWERS and GET LOW if you don't believe he's multi-faceted as a performer. And even though ZOMIELAND 2 wouldn't be a starring role for Murray, I get the feeling he wants to challenge himself a bit more than cashing in on a once popular franchise (hence his reticence on GHOSTBUSTERS 3). Put simply, Murray's no sequel man either. If he ever was, he learned his lesson after GARFIELD!

So, back to the original query. If you were Big Bill, would you rather cameo as a zombie or sink you're teeth in a starring role as FDR?

The new Gwen Stacy!

Extra Tidbit: You think ZOMBIELAND 2 will ever happen? How about with the original cast?
Source: Geekscape



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