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Blumhouse Productions and Karate Kid director team for family horror film

02.17.2015by: Eric Walkuski

Jason Blum continues to get in on every possible horror subgenre he can.

Blumhouse Productions and Harold Zwart - director of THE KARATE KID remake, as well as THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS - are teaming up together to make a "family horror film," according to The Hollywood Reporter. As can be expected, the film is being branded as "microbudget."

Details on the story are unavailable; we don't know the title, either. We do know that it was written by Robert Ben Garant, who previously collaborated with Blumhouse on JESSABELLE and the upcoming THE VEIL. Garant also wrote and directed the horror-comedy HELL BABY and many episodes of the COmedy Central series "Reno 911."

Blumhouse’s Jason Blum is producing with Garant, while Jeanette Brill and Couper Samuelson will executive produce. When we hear more about this flick, we'll pass it along!

Extra Tidbit: Jessica Alba (pictured) stars in Blumhouse's THE VEIL.
Source: THR



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