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Check out the long-awaited trailer for Victor Salva's thriller Rosewood Lane

10.14.2011by: Jared Pacheco
A few months ago Eric gave us all a look at the one-sheet for Victor Salva's long-awaited thriller ROSEWOOD LANE. I say long-awaited because we first told you about this flick back in November 2009 but then didn't hear anything for well over a year. Now this past year we've been keeping you in the loop with this one and today's update is no different.

With the flick about to hit Screamfest LA there doesn't seem to be a better time to release the trailer for this little diddy than right now, does there? It seems the powers that be agree because today I've got exactly that for you guys - the trailer for ROSEWOOD LANE!

Now first impressions from this shite are telling me it's going to be a run-of-the-mill stalker thriller but then again something about it is definitely keeping me intrigued. Perhaps it's the creepy paper boy stalker? Or maybe it's Rose McGowan? Either way there's something about this one that seems to be spot on. Don't take my word for it though, just tap the trailer by scrolling below or popping on over to our videos section.

The story follows McGowan as she plays Doctor Sonny Blake, a radio talk show psychiatrist, when she moves back to her childhood home after her alcoholic father dies. Once back in her old neighborhood she discovers the local paperboy is a frightening and cunning young sociopath that targeted her father and now targets her. When the boy starts calling her show and recites eerie nursery rhymes, an unnerving game of cat-and-mouse begins. When the game escalates, she suddenly finds herself in a terrifying all out war, one that forces her to redefine her ideas of good and evil, and has her fighting to stay alive.

Along with McGowan (below) the film also stars Lauren Vélez, Ray Wise, Lesley-Anne Down and Daniel Ross. A solid release date for ROSEWOOD LANE still hasn't been released but we do know it'll be hitting Screamfest LA this weekend so I'm sure a lot more updates for this one will be coming our way soon.

ROSEWOOD LANE (2011) - Trailer

Extra Tidbit: Victor Salva is best known for writing and directing the two JEEPERS CREEPERS flicks.
Source: Screamfest LA



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