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COMIC CON: Chillerama Screening and Q&A

07.23.2011by: Jim Law


When offered the chance to take a break from the convention center to hit-up a screening of CHILLERAMA at the Gaslamp 15, I jumped up and ran all the way there. It was all for nothing though as the film, a collaboration from directors Adam Green, Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, and Joe Lynch, hadn't even arrived yet. To settle the crowd all four directors took their seats and delivered their Q&A before the screening. We were told to pretend like we saw the film and ask questions accordingly.

Each director basically broke down their own segment and what inspired them. Rifkin's was a homage to giant monsters movies called WADZILLA. Sullivan delivered a gay-old romp titled I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR that channeled REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, BEACH BLANKET BINGO. Green chose to direct THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN, and obvious rip on Hitler and the old Universal Monsters films. And Lynch was in charge of the bookend story called ZOM B MOVIE which handled the on-going story within the film that took place on the last night of a drive-in theater.

First up was WADZILLA, about a giant sperm, created by the Chiodo Brothers, destroying New York city. Rifkin stars as a man with an inactive sperm count who seeks out help from a doctor played by Ray Wise and receives an experimental drug to help him. The drug doesn't go according to plan and only enlarges his one sperm into a ferocious monster that continually grows out of control and terrorizes the streets. The amount of sperm in this film is astounding. That said, this was probably my favorite segment as Rifkin was hilarious in the lead and had a great cameo from Eric Roberts and Lin Shaye.

Next up was I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR starring gay-porn star Sean Paul Lockhart and Anton Troy. Lockhart plays a high-school kid struggling with his sexuality and the fact that he's been turned into a werebear. There's musical numbers, anal rape, exploding heads, werebear cock, and the gayest sport scene on a beach since TOP GUN. Openly gay director, Tim Sullivan pulled no punches here and might have created the first gay-porn horror film in existance. I'll have my assistant check on that and get back to you.

Adam green was next with THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN. Joel David Moore stars as Hitler and easily gives the funniest performance of the entire film. His broken German is almost to much to keep up with as he often mixes in STAR WARS references and other ridiculous made-up words to the delight of many a fanboy. Basically what we have here is the story of Anne Frank, only you need to switch her diary with with a top secret formula of her great-grandfather's that revives the dead. Real basic shit here. Kane Hodder pops up as the monster and Kristina Klebe plays a slutty Eva Braun to a tee. Seriously though, Moore owns this segment with his jibberish.

Finally we get to see the climax to the on-going drive-in storyline that involves one of the theater employees getting infected with the undead virus by drying to skull-fuck his dead wife. When the disease spreads through the popcorn 99% of the patrons become zombies and, for some reason, want to fuck you to death. And eat you. The great Richard Riehle plays the beloved drive-in owner with a secret obsession of death. Lots of good shit here with tons of carnage and some shit I've never seen before. Such as zombie breast milk. It's a perfect setting for the film and pays homage to more films than I could count during the final stand.

Overall the film is ridiculous, and it knows it is. All four directors raved about how much fun it was making the film and you can tell through every frame. Knowing what you're getting into and perhaps checking this out at a drive-in could easily be a very memorable night. Green mentioned that they are actually trying to get the film screened at select theaters (and drive-ins) across the country in a sort of promotional tour and that the film will hit VOD and store shelves this fall. Tons of blood, tons of semen, and a refreshing break from Hall H.

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