Cool Horror Gear: Robocop 3 figure

Yes, the first question that arises is, "Why the f*ck are we looking at a ROBOCOP 3 figure?! Where's the original?" I don't have an answer for that. What I do know, however, is that this figure is still very cool. If you set aside for a moment or two how dreadfully shitty ROBOCOP 3 is, I think you'll find you can appreciate this figure for what it is.

This new RoboCop figure, from Enterbay, comes with 2 incredible authentic and highly detailed head sculps. The first Helmet Head Sculpt can pair with 3 interchangeable facial expression. He also comes with a removable quarter scale Jet Pack like seen in Robocop 3. The Jet Pack in the set is accurately built with mechanic moveable parts, pipes, and wires.

The Set includes:
- 2 incredible authentic and highly detailed likeness head sculpture. One Helmet Head Sculpt with 3 interchangeable facial expression. Another head sculpt showing the human face is based on Robert John Burke as RoboCop in the movie "RoboCop 3". Please be cautious this Robert John Burke head sculpt without the Helmet cannot turn to left or right when installed to the RoboCop Figurine or it will definitely damage the electronic component of the figurine.
- A HD-14 ABS action body with more than 15 points of articulation, with 3 x size AAA batteries included for remote control functions (for Left/Right Head Turning, Open/Close Leg Gun Holster, and Voice Over effects)
- A 3D OCP Logo Remote Control with 2 x size AAA batteries included
- Auto-9 gun, which can be placed inside the leg gun holster, when opened by the remote control
- A changeable Battle Damaged Front Armor
- 8 changeable hands: including 1 pair of fist, 1 pair of relax hands (of which the fingers are moveable), 1 pair of gun holding hands, 1 right hand with a pointing index finger, and 1 right hand with needle weapon interface
- A changeable left gun arm
- A quarter scale Jet Pack with mechanic moveable parts, detailed pipes, and wires
- A custom made RoboCop figure stand with the OCP logo engraved

There is no release date just yet, unfortunately.

Extra Tidbit: Would you pick this guy up?



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