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Cool Horror Videos: It Came From the Dead with Phantasm's A. Michael Baldwin

02.14.2014by: Kevin Woods

Industrial gothic rock band Lucid Dementia teamed up with filmmaker Justin Warren for the ultra-cool video for their song "It Came From the Dead" and they brought along PHANTASM star A. Michael Baldwin for the creepy fun.

The production for this music video went all out with the makeup effects, visual effects, locations, set decorations, and lighting, and while the song itself is catchy and cool and the video is creepy enough, for many fans the real highlight is seeing A. Michael Baldwin of the PHANTASM saga as "The Conjurer". Props to Lucid Dementia and Justin Warren for delivering this Cool Horror Video our way.


Our good friend, actress Kelly Cameron, plays the demonic "blue" girl in the video. Here is a cool before and after pic of Cameron and a shot of her with PHANTASM star A. Michael Baldwin. Rock it out, girl (but watch those nails)!



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