Deadgirl scribe Trent Haaga penning creature feature Heebie Jeebies next

You guys are familiar with Trent Haaga right? Haaga (right) is the one that penned the twisted flick DEADGIRL and more recently directed CHOP. Ringing any bells?

Well regardless I'm here today to tell you all about a new creature feature heading our way courtesy of Mr. Haaga. You see this new flick is called HEEBIE JEEBIES and finds Thomas L. Callaway directing a script by Haaga. Here's the rundown for HEEBIE JEEBIES:

Small town deputy Todd Crane must learn to control his panic attacks when his community is threatened by a centuries-old creature that radiates fear and is out for one thing—revenge.

This one's cast is a list of relative unknowns including Robert Belushi, Cathy Shim (below), Michael Badalucco, Lucille Soong, Evie Thompson, Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis, Olivia Ku, Carl Savering, Marion Ross and Jennifer Rubin. What? Did you expect A-listers? Come on now.

So what do you guys think? That's all we've got on HEEBIE JEEBIES now but I'm sure more goods from this one will spill our way soon. As we wait for that why don't you spit some bullets below and let us know if you're jiving with this one!

Extra Tidbit: Haaga's only directorial credit is CHOP.
Source: AITH



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