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Eli Roth-starring Aftershock rumbling into theaters in May

Mar. 14, 2013by: Kevin Woods

If you've been wondering when you would be seeing Nicolas Lopez's English language debut AFTERSHOCK, wonder no more as it was announced that the flick will be opening in limited theaters May 10.

Scripted by Eli Roth, Nicolas Lopez, and Guillermo Amoedo, AFTERSHOCK revolves around...

In Chile, an American tourist’s vacation goes from good to great when he meets some beautiful women travellers. But when an earthquake ravages the underground nightclub they are in, a fun night quickly turns to terror. Escaping to the surface is just the beginning as they face the nightmarish chaos above ground.”

Eli Roth, Selena Gomez, Ariel Levy, Nicolas Martinez, Lorenza Izzo, Natasha Yarovenko, Andrea Osvart, and Miguel Asensio all star.

No word yet as to when AFTERSHOCK will be hitting DVD/Blu-Ray, VOD or digital download, but we'll keep you posted on it!


Extra Tidbit: Seems like we've been waiting for quite a while to see AFTERSHOCK. Are you looking forward to checking this one out?


Spitting Bullets
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9:31AM on 03/14/2013
Holy $h1t that last kill. . . .
Holy $h1t that last kill. . . .
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