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Ethan Hawke will undergo Regression for The Others director Alejandro Amenabar

10.31.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Ethan Hawke is continuing his successful streak of genre pictures with REGRESSION, a mysterious new project being directed by THE OTHERS helmer Alejandro Amenábar. Sales company FilmNation will be selling the movie at the American Film Market next week.

Unfortunately, REGRESSION's plot details are under wraps right now. However, Amenábar's producing partner had this to say about it: “Alejandro plays in ‘Regression’ with our deepest primal fears to make us feel once again both profoundly human and extremely vulnerable."

FilmNation CEO Glen Basner said, “This suspenseful and thrilling story, coupled with what we know will be a truly atmospheric setting, is going to be unforgettable for years to come.”

REGRESSION will begin shooting in the spring.

THE OTHERS' Nicole Kidman

Extra Tidbit: Amenabar also directed THE SEA INSIDE, for which he won an Oscar.
Source: Variety



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