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Horror comic Chopper becoming a movie!

11.01.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Horror comic-turned-web series CHOPPER, a modern-day spin on the headless horseman legend, will be getting the big-screen treatment courtesy of entertainment company Dilemma, according to Variety. We last wrote about the title in February of 2011.

Martin Shapiro, who created the comic, will write the screenplay, and the film will be shopped at the American Film Market.

After taking a strange new drug with supernatural side effects at a party, the rebellious teenage daughter of a police officer starts seeing ghosts and is stalked by the Reaper, a headless Hellís Angel on a motorcycle who collects the souls of sinners in the afterlife.

CHOPPER started off as an Asylum Press comic book before becoming a web series starring Tyler Mane as the headless biker. Both the comic and the series debuted last October.

Check out the web series teaser below!

Extra Tidbit: Have you read CHOPPER, or checked out the web series?
Source: Variety



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