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Joel Silver producing demonic possession film Sanctuary

11.13.2012by: Eric Walkuski

LETHAL WEAPON and SHERLOCK HOLMES producer Joel Silver is diving into the supernatural territory.

The mega-producer's Silver Pictures is prepping SANCTUARY, a horror-action number that is being called WANTED meets BLADE. Safe to say that paints some pretty vivid pictures in our heads...

SANCTUARY focuses on a young woman who, having been possessed by a powerful demonic force, seeks refuge within The Sanctuary, a Vatican-run secret organization that teaches the possessed to channel their inner demon and use its power as a weapon against evil.

Holy shit, what have those chicks in THE EXORCIST, THE LAST EXORCISM and all those other demonic possession movies been complaining about? Didn't they know they could just "channel their inner demon?"

Silver and his partner Andrew Rona will produce Alan Trezza-penned pic, which doesn't yet have a director. Paramount Pictures will eventually distribute.

Extra Tidbit: Your favorite Joel Silver-produced flick?
Source: Deadline.com



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