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Looks like another killer bear flick is on the way in Michael Bafaro's Embedded

11.23.2011by: Jake Dee

Killer bear flick anyone? We've got one EMBEDDED below!

Ridiculous puns aside, Michael Bafaro's murderous mauler movie EMBEDDED is one we're just now getting acquainted with. Looks like the film has already been completed, with interest possibly drummed up at this year's AFM. We've got some details and promo poster for the flick, as well as the starring names. If so inclined, get with it all underneath.

Starring Don Knodel, Jeb Beach, Steve Thackray, Jennifer Koenig, Krista Magnusson, Lori Watt and Arpad Balogh - here's what EMBEDDED entails:

"All of us are God's creatures, just some are more creature than others." The rogue grizzly bear thought to be responsible for the mysterious rash of livestock disappearances in the region is now being blamed for the deaths of three local men... This after their mutilated remains were discovered on a plateau leading into the nearby Rocky Mountains. The men, all concerned residents of Hatt's Creek, ignorantly decided to take matters into their own hands and set out with a hunting party to track down and kill the beast inflicting horror on their land.

Not sure if this will be closer to THE EDGE or PIG HUNT, but my guess is the latter. Low-budget creature-features can certainly be hit or miss, but if done even halfway decently, EMBEDDED may offer a good enough time.

We'll keep you abreast...

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