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More images from Manuel Carballo's The Returned will have you on the run

10.11.2013by: Ryan Miller

It wasn't too long ago when we learned that Filmax International announced that they would be releasing Manuel Carballo's upcoming zombie flick THE RETURNED in Spain on November 15th. And with that, we've got a load of the new stills to dish out. You can take a peek at the new imagery below!

The flick stars Emily Hampshire, Kris Holden-Ried, Shawn Doyle, and Claudia Bassols and goes a little something like this:

Kate works at the hospital in the Return Unit, helping those who have been infected by the virus that turns people into zombies. Kate’s dedication to her work is absolute, but few people realize that for her it is also a personal matter; Kate’s own husband, Jason, has been returned.

After various brutal and prolific attacks at the hands of Anti-Return groups and rumors that the “Protein” stock is running dangerously low, Kate fears for Jason´s safety. Suspicious of the government’s order that all the returned should report to a secure medical facility ‘for their own safety’, the couple decides to flee, taking with them all the doses of “Return Protein” they have. At no point does the couple imagine that the real threat is a lot closer than they think...

Extra Tidbit: Does THE RETURNED look like a promising addition to the zombie genre?



Spitting Bullets
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12:01AM on 10/30/2013

The Returned, character name.

His name is not Jason in the movie. It's Alex. Kate's husband's name is Alex.
His name is not Jason in the movie. It's Alex. Kate's husband's name is Alex.
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