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Robert Rodriguez offers brief updates on Sin City 2 and Predators 2

12.01.2011by: Marcey Papandrea

If you were curious on some kind of SIN CITY 2 update or wondering whether PREDATORS 2 was going happen, well Robert Rodriguez has given a few minor updates. The man has about a billion projects in the works (okay not THAT many but he might as well have) and he gave the Playlist some info. Of course we don’t really care much about the DVD and Blu-ray release of SPY KIDS 4 so lets get right on to the good stuff.

He stated "We have a script for SIN CITY 2 and we just needed to round it out a little bit more, brought in Bill (William Monahan) to try and solve some things." "Like before we had three different stories that we were trying to meld together and he took a pass at it for a couple of weeks and now Frank is doing his pass.” "We're pretty close. We might have it soon." Might have it soon? Just for that I feel like jumping up and down for joy! I want this film, and I want it now! We have been waiting for so long, I really hope this goes through soon. It is good to know that there is a lot of care going into the script; we do want a solid second film.

When asked about a possible PREDATORS sequel he wasn’t as optimistic. He produced the flick for Fox with Nimrod Antal in the directors chair. “I haven't talked to them in a while. I know they liked the idea of doing another one. I should probably call and check in. I've just been busy doing these other things.” I actually would really love a solid sequel, check in Robert, check in!

He also discussed some other projects such as FIRE & ICE, an animated fantasy, he mentioned the script was in the works and he was excited for it. With NERVEWRACKERS a sci-fi project he has going on for the Weinsteins, he said it was very possible and he’s writing the script. He’s a busy boy that one, but c’mon dude SIN CITY 2!!

SIN CITY star Rosario Dawson

Extra Tidbit: With the amount of projects that haven't been realized for Rodriguez I really hope SIN CITY 2 has staying power to happen.
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