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"The Walking Dead" continues to kill it, hits yet another ratings high point!

11.29.2010by: Jake Dee

I'm not sure which is currently kicking more ass, AMC or the zombies from its bona fide hit, "The Walking Dead?"

Word has come out today that Frank Darabont's televisual zombie brainchild continues to reach new heights, drawing an estimated 5.6 million viewers in the penultimate 5th episode last night. That rates higher than the 5.3 million drawn from pilot episode, which Darabont himself directed. Damn, I'm not even sure Rick Grimes could slow this sucker down at this point...

Of course, this should bode extremely well for not only the final episode (set to air this Sunday), but for season two as well. Remember, next year we jump from 6 episodes to 13...quite an expansion! Hopefully the fact the show won't return until the fall of 2011 is a testament to the craft and care Darabont and company maintain to keep the show what it's become. Namely, one of the best on the tube!

"The Walking Dead" airs Sunday nights at 10:00 PM on AMC.

The sexy Mrs. Grimes!

Extra Tidbit: The logo seen on the T-shirt of Rick's son Karl is that of another Robert Kirkman creation, Science Dog.
Source: DeadlineTHR



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