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Ti West's The Sacrament will get a spring release from Magnet Releasing

Dec. 9, 2013by: Eric Walkuski

The Ti West and Eli Roth collaboration THE SACRAMENT was grabbed by Magnet Releasing soon after its Toronto Film Festival premiere (read our review HERE), and now we know when North America will get a look at the cult thriller.

THE SACRAMENT will arrive on VOD starting May 1, 2014 before hitting theaters on June 6th. Yes, we'll have to do a bit of waiting, but based on the positive buzz we've heard, the wait will be worth it.

THE SACRAMENT stars AJ Bowen and Joe Swanberg as reporters for VICE Media who journey to a remote Central American compound along with a photographer (Kentucker Audley) hoping to reunite with his sister (Amy Seimetz), who has dropped off the map after struggling with drug addiction. They find an isolated community of true believers devoted to a shadowy but charismatic figure called Father. Skeptical at first, the journalists begin to come around to the groups utopian claims, until things rapidly take a very dark turn.

Amy Seimetz


Spitting Bullets
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