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Trailer & details for Barry Tubb's low-budget creature feature Javelina

12.22.2010by: Jake Dee

"Pagoda, where's my Javelina?"

I'll let you guess which non-genre title that line comes from, and in the meantime, you can scope out Barry Tubb's gloriously low-rent creature feature JAVELINA, for which we have the first trailer and logline. Yup up for it? Let's roll!

Written by Mike Murphy, JAVELINA sees a small Texas town ravaged by a blood thirsty wild javelina named "Charlie", bent on killing the hunters who killed her mother.

Simple but effective, no? Gotta love the final shot of that unruly beast in the trailer...that shite is too good!

Mike Barfield, Blair Bomar, Eryn Brooke (below), Matt Cooke, Joshua Cordoba, Sonny Carl Davis, Jamison Driskill, Heather Fife (Eric's maiden name) and Tommy Guy also play a part in the flick.

No word on when JAVELINA will be available, but when we have one, so will you.

Extra Tidbit: Take a page out of the SyFy absurdity and tell us which obscure animal you'd like to see feature in a balls out horror flick.
Source: AITH



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