Underworld: Next Generation being developed by Screen Gems

The last time we saw the UNDERWORLD franchise grace the silver screen with its man-eating lycans and blood sucking vampires was the 2012 hit UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING where we were introduced to Eve (above), Selene and Michael's hybrid daughter. Considering how popular this franchise has become and the amount of cash it has raked in at the box office both domestically and worldwide, it's surprising that we actually haven't seen a fifth installment yet. But that could all be changing as Bloody Disgusting reports that Screen Gems is actively developing a fifth film which is tentatively titled UNDERWORLD: NEXT GENERATION.

Unfortunately, right now there isn't a whole lot to go on as far as plot details, but the current title of the film could suggest that we'll see the character of Eve continue the franchise. The studio is currently seeking out a writer and director with Len Wiseman set to produce. No word on whether or not we'll see Kate Beckinsale (below) make a return, but a whole lot can happen between now and when this one gets off the ground. Look for more on this one as we get it!

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