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Life After Beth Blu-ray cover art and release details, starring Dane DeHaan

We just got the word on when you can pick up Jeff Baena’s feature debut LIFE AFTER BETH on Blu-ray as the film will hit shelves on October 21st. It centers on a young man whose life takes a turn for the worse when he attempts to make amends after his recently deceased girlfriend returns from the dead. What you’ll find on the Blu-ray is an audio commentary with...
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Review: Life After Beth

PLOT : When a young manís recently deceased girlfriend shows up seemingly unaffected by death, he suspects something may be afoul. His fears are soon realized when she develops a sudden desire for dark and damp places, smooth jazz, and the occasional need to nibble on human flesh. REVIEW : Now that the romantic life of a zombie is a thing, we are seeing far more zom-rom-comís than...
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Watch a clip from Life After Beth starring Aubrey Plaza

With Jeff Baenaís zombie comedy LIFE AFTER BETH getting released today on DirecTV, A24 sent out a brand new clip that sees Dane DeHaanís Zach breaks into Bethís family home only to find out that sheís somehow still alive and breathing. If you canít catch LIFE AFTER BETH on DirecTV, then be sure to look for it in theaters on August 15th. Directed by Jeff Baena, LIFE AFTER BETH goes...
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Smile for these Life After Beth posters, starring Aubrey Plaza & Dane DeHaan

Jeff Baena’s zombie comedy LIFE AFTER BETH recently got picked up by A24 and today they’ve released a couple of character posters for the film featuring its two stars Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan. Although the posters are pretty innocent, I like the fact that we know Plaza turns in to the gorgeous zombified beauty you see above. These posters are like the calm before the...
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Life After Beth sets a release date, starring Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan

A24 snatched up Jeff Baena’s zombie comedy LIFE AFTER BETH back in January after it made its premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and now we’ve finally have a release date to share with you guys as a flesh-eating Aubrey Plaza will shamble her way into limited theaters on August 15th. It's still quite a ways off but that gives the studio ample time to...
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A24 close to a deal on Life After Beth

One of the genre highlights to be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival this year was the Jeff Baena directed zombie comedy LIFE AFTER BETH , starring an undead Aubrey Plaza. With its debut now in the books it looks like a potential acquisition is headed its way. Read on for all the goods and be sure to check out our very own review of flick right HERE . Deadline reports that...
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New stills from Life After Beth, starring a zombie Aubrey Plaza

One of the genre highlights hitting the Sundance Film Festival in January is the upcoming zombie comedy LIFE AFTER BETH which stars Aubrey Plaza (above) and Dane DeHaan (below). If you took a peek at our article showcasing the upcoming genre films lined up for Sundance, then there's a good chance you've already seen Aubrey Plaza sporting her new undead look. For those of you who...
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