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Halloween III: Season of the Witch: 5 Creepiest Scenes

You know what happened. Upon its initial release in 1982, Tommy Lee Wallace's HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH was met predominantly with scorn from critics and fans alike, the former finding its story - about the potential mass murder of millions of children on Halloween night - morally repugnant, while the latter couldn't understand the odd new direction the HALLOWEEN franchise had taken....
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Halloween III's Stacey Nelkin!

HALLOWEEN III's STACEY NELKIN Having loved HALLOWEEN and the 1982 sequel appropriately entitled HALLOWEEN II, I remember being very excited to see a third chapter. That was until I finally watched HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH. Like many, I was extremely disappointed in the Michael Myers-less film. And yet, as the years have passed and with the whole damn...
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Excl: Neil Marshall & Axelle Carolyn talk their favorite Halloween tales

  There's probably no cooler couple working in the horror genre today than Neil Marshall and Axelle Carolyn; in fact, you might consider the duo the First Couple of Horror. Marshall has a fanboy friendly track record consisting of films like DOG SOLDIERS, THE DESCENT and DOOMSDAY (not to mention a couple of terrific Game of Thrones episodes), while Carolyn has established herself as a...
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Halloween 3 update from producer Malek Akkad

Could this news have come at a better time? I think not! With Halloween approaching next Friday, it’s only fitting that current HALLOWEEN series producer Malek Akkad would speak out on what exactly is going on with the next installment in the franchise. Both Mike Aiello, the creative director of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, and Akkad spoke about the next film, revealing...
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Halloween III- Horror Movie Review- (Day 16 of 31)- October Massacre

PLOT: A large and evil cooperation has some dastardly wicked tricks for the young children wearing their Halloween masks. And when a doctor and one of his patient’s daughters become suspicious, they search to find out what is behind the company and the annoyingly catchy television commercials it constantly airs. REVIEW:  My first viewing of HALLOWEEN III:...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Scout Taylor-Compton!

SCOUT TAYLOR-COMPTON THEN : Come October there is one film franchise that will always be a part of my existence. Good or bad, for better or worse, HALLOWEEN and all its sequels and the remake hold a special place in my heart. Call me a completest, but I have a deep affection for all of them in some way. And while Jamie Lee Curtis is my number one when it comes to...
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Box Set Review: Halloween the Complete Collection

Today marks the release of ANCHOR BAY's and SCREAM FACTORY's EPIC HALLOWEEN THE COMPLETE COLLECTION BOXSET . I spent the weekend going through it and on the whole it made this Myers fan very happy. Now keep in mind that I haven't been buying every edition of each film on disk that has come out over the years, so most of the extras here were fairly new to me....
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Cool Horror Gear: Trick or Treat Studios' Halloween III masks

Halloween is just a few short months away and I'm already excited for it. I see that stores have already started putting out Halloween goodies (yeah, it's only August but I dig that they're getting an early start on my favorite holiday!) and some peeps are already making plans for their costumes. Now Trick or Treat Studios has something wickedly awesome for fans of HALLOWEEN...
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Halloween 3D talk from producer Malek Akkad

Several years ago , it appeared as though the DRIVE ANGRY and MY BLOODY VALENTINE team of Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer were going to embark on making HALLOWEEN 3D , the follow-up to Rob Zombie's reboots of the franchise. Obviously, it never happened, which was a sad development as they probably would have knocked it out of the park. At the recent Saturn Awards, Collider...
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Cool Horror Gear: Halloween III poster from Cavity Colors

Aaron Crawford is following up on that ridiculously cool Necronomicon poster with yet another ridiculously cool slice of horror art with the release of his Season of the Witch print, which you can drool over below. The new poster was inspired by none other than HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH , and it's actually quite cool. Dig it below! Be sure to head over to Cavity...
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Scout Taylor-Compton says she'll be in Halloween 3 - would you be down?

Hope you've got a grain of salt with you, because you'll definitely need it for this bit of news. We're all going cuckoo with the revelation that HALLOWEEN 3 is moving forward , even though we have no idea how close it is to actually happening. Certainly, it seems clear it's in the development stage, and it's probable that a writer is on board, but mostly all we can do is...
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Halloween 3 on track and moving forward, official Halloween site declares

As you may have heard a few days ago, HALLOWEEN 3 (or 3D) seems to be shaking the cobwebs off and climbing out of development hell. Bloody Disgusting reported that the Weinstein Company has moved closer to launching the new sequel, after about five years of attempting to crack the story. No details were available, but the very news that Michael Myers may yet live to fight another day...
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