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Lin Shaye reveals the timeline, plot details of Insidious: Chapter 4

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 has already wrapped principal photography, but we won't get a chance to scope it out until next year. Fortunately, we have Daily Dead , who spoke with franchise star Lin Shaye about the project. Shaye was quite open, revealing aspects of Leigh Whannell's script that we certainly haven't heard before: [The film] goes back to Elise’s...
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Michael Winnick to tell Malicious story with Josh Stewart and Delroy Lindo

The first movie that comes to my mind when I hear the title MALICIOUS will always be the 1995 erotic thriller where Molly Ringwald plays against type to portray the insane stalker of a college baseball player, but writer/director Michael Winnick is looking to share some brain space with that film by crafting his own project called MALICIOUS . Winnick's MALICIOUS will tell the...
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Production has wrapped on Insidious: Chapter 4

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 , the next entry in the surprisingly consistent INSIDIOUS franchise that began in 2010, is being helmed by Adam Robitel ( THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN ) from a script by series screenwriter (and CHAPTER 3 director) Leigh Whannell. That's the first time somebody other than James Wan or Whannell has tackled an entry, but so far it seems to be...
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Insidious: Chapter 4 adds Acevedo, Davison, Locke, and Gerard

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 is currently filming, with THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN 's Adam Robitel becoming the latest director to guide us into The Further, taking over the helm from James Wan (who directed INSIDIOUS and INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 ) and Leigh Whannell (who has written all of the films and directed INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 ). Details on this fourth chapter in the...
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Josh Stewart to face the horrors of Insidious: Chapter 4

THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN director Adam Robitel is preparing to follow James Wan and Leigh Whannell into The Further, having signed on to helm INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 4 , and he has secured the first new member of the cast that he's going to be taking into that dimension of spirits and demons with him. Josh Stewart, who genre fans may know from the Marcus Dunstan films THE...
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Knock knock! It's the trailer for Marcus Dunstan's The Neighbor

The official trailer for Marcus Dunstan's newest nightmare THE NEIGHBOR has arrived! We've already seen the creepy paper mask in the artwork, but now we can check out the man behind it in action! While the protagonist in this movie might fear his , you'll certainly love thy NEIGHBOR if you check out the backwoods fright flick's trailer below! Starring...
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Exclusive: Home video art and release date revealed for The Neighbor

With three FEAST films, four SAW sequels, PIRANHA 3DD , THE COLLECTOR , and THE COLLECTION to their names, screenwriting partners Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton may be the most prolific duo working in the horror genre today. Dunstan also directed THE COLLECTOR and THE COLLECTION, and again took the helm for their latest collaboration, the suspense thriller THE NEIGHBOR...
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First images from Marcus Dunstan's The Neighbor come knocking

Genre regulars Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have a new thriller coming our way called THE NEIGHBOR . We haven't heard much about this project since reporting that filming had wrapped back in January, but now its first batch of stills and promotional art have arrived online. The images can be seen above and below, and they certainly look intriguing. Directed by Dunstan,...
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Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton investigate The Neighbor

  Though it would appear their shot at making HALLOWEEN RETURNS has vanished, writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan ( THE COLLECTOR , THE COLLECTION ) have moved on to a new project titled THE NEIGHBOR . In fact, according to Bloody Disgusting, the duo already completed the film, right under all of our noses! (To be fair, the project was first announced back in 2013.)...
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Christopher Lloyd and Josh Stewart join Cold Moon

Christopher Lloyd and Josh Stewart (The Collector) have joined COLD MOON , an adaptation of the 1990 novel of the same name by Michael McDowell (screenwriter of Beetlejuice). I'm always in favor of keeping Lloyd around, so bring it on. Cold Moon takes place in tiny Babylon, Fla., where the granddaughter of Clark’s character is murdered by a mysterious assailant, her body sunk into...
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New poster for Josh Stewert's The Hunted, from producers of The Collector

Back in August of last year we brought you the first poster for THE HUNTED, a new found footage horror tale from actor/writer/director Josh Stewart, who may be best known to genre fans as Arkin in Marcus Dunstan's THE COLLECTOR and its badass sequel THE COLLECTION . We later learned that Entertainment One had picked the film up for distribution out of last years AFM. Now...
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Entertainment One picks up The Hunted and April Apocalypse

More American Film Market acquisition news for you: Entertainment One has picked up a couple of interesting titles at AFM: THE HUNTED , which is the directorial debut of THE COLLECTOR/THE COLLECTION actor Josh Stewart (we last told you about it HERE ), and APRIL APOCALYPSE , which is yet another zombie romantic comedy. In APRIL APOCALYPSE… After years of yearning for the girl...
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