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Where in the Horror are they Now? The Cast of My Bloody Valentine (1981)!

THE CAST OF MY BLOODY VALENTINE THEN : Some people think Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate and roses. For many, it’s time for a romantic dinner or a movie, it is all about the love. Yet for horror fans, this holiday full of hearts and flowers reminds me of one of my favorite genre flicks. My Valentine’s Day consists of possibly a romantic dinner at...
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Face-Off: My Bloody Valentine (original) Vs. My Bloody Valentine (remake)

I was pleased to see the amount of undead affinity our last Face-Off garnered. Both flicks battling definitely have a special place in the hearts of horror lovers and ya'll did a fine job speaking from your tickers. I do believe Peter Jackson's Dead Alive did just solidify a victory. Thanks for showing the love. And today, we are mixing love and horror into a fun little cocktail of...
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