My Bloody Valentine 3D sequel would have killed off Jaime King

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

My Bloody Valentine 3D Patrick Lussier Jaime King

The 1981 version of MY BLOODY VALENTINE is one of my favorite slasher movies, and I'm also a fan of the 2009 remake MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D. The fact that neither of those films have ever received a sequel really sucks, especially since the '09 film was a box office success, and director Patrick Lussier and screenwriter Todd Farmer were both eager to return for a follow-up.

To this day, Lussier and Farmer would still be happy to make MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D: PART 2, but since so much time has passed Farmer did feel comfortable telling Bloody Disgusting about the opening sequence they had planned for the sequel if it had been made soon after '09… And I have to admit, I would have been slightly disappointed if this sequence had made it to the screen.

Picking up immediately after the events of the remake, PART 2 would have begun with surviving characters Sarah (Jaime King) and Axel (Kerr Smith) going to the hospital, where Axel requires surgery for a pick axe wound he received from The Miner/Tom (Jensen Ackles). But before the surgery can begin, Tom shows up at the hospital to continue his killing spree.

Tom steps out from behind Sarah and yanks her into the hallway. He would then lock the door. You have those sort of hospital safety doors, with the wires inside. So [Axel’s] shooting, but the bullets aren’t going through. They have this standoff through that little thin glass – Axel can’t get to her, [while] she’s being choke-held by Tom. And then Tom, in the full miner’s suit, shoves her forward. Her hand’s on the glass, Axel’s hand is on the glass, and then she jerks. You see it in her eyes, you see the pain, and then she begins spitting up blood. And Axel’s screaming. She collapses to the ground to reveal Tom standing there with his bloody pickaxe and her heart in his other hand. Y’know, it’s a family movie!"

Yep, Lussier and Farmer intended to kill off the returning heroine just minutes into the sequel, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 style. That's not a turn of events I would have been cheering for. Farmer said, 

Jaime King would’ve hated it! I don’t think we ever told her that’s how it would go down."

Farmer went on to describe the set-up for the sequel, which would have involved Tom struggling to overcome his mental issues, some mental patients who are fans of The Miner's rampage, and the return of actor Tom Atkins, who played a character who was killed in the first movie, in a different role. There were even going to be elements lifted from the scrapped HALLOWEEN sequel Lussier and Farmer wrote a draft of in '09. It's a very interesting article and I recommend checking it out. But Farmer made sure not to give too much away, because they're still holding on to the hope that someday, somehow, they will be able to make MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D: PART 2. 

I hope they will. And I hope they'll keep Sarah alive a while longer if they do.

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Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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