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Exclusive images from Empire of the Sharks, on Syfy this weekend

Last year , we were provided with some exclusive images from director Mark Atkins' Syfy premiere PLANET OF THE SHARKS, which was set in a WATERWORLD-esque future. This year, Atkins has returned to the universe of that film with the standalone prequel EMPIRE OF THE SHARKS , and we have a batch of EXCLUSIVE images from EMPIRE that offer a preview of the film before it makes its...
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Mickey Rourke is on a mission to stop someone Unhinged

Mickey Rourke has a pretty cool filmography, but when I look over his acting résumé there is something that becomes very clear: the man has not appeared in nearly enough horror movies. He's looking to rectify that with his latest film, director Mark Atkins' UNHINGED . (Which has no connection to the '80s slasher UNHINGED or its upcoming remake .) Making...
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Swim through our exclusive image gallery from Planet of the Sharks!

PLANET OF THE SHARKS , the newest shark movie from The Asylum, is airing tonight on SyFy. Just ahead of the release we've managed to snap up a set of exclusive images from the film like chum in the water. The selection of images below shows a parade of watery torment that looks pretty fun! Shark movies are a dime a dozen these days, but this concept takes the...
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Ice Sharks and Planet of the Sharks to premiere on Syfy this week

The SHARKNADO franchise gets most of the love and attention, but they're not the only shark movies The Asylum has to offer, and Syfy is about to prove it. We're currently in the midst of Syfy's Sharknado Week event, a week building up to the July 31st premiere of the Asylum/Syfy co-production SHARKNADO: THE 4TH AWAKENS , and among the movies on the schedule are several...
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