Exclusive Trailer! Shark Season, starring Michael Madsen, coming in August

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Director Jared Cohn's survival thriller SHARK SEASON is set to receive a DVD and Digital release on August 2nd, and today we're proud to host the EXCLUSIVE premiere of the film's trailer. Check it out above!

Starring Michael Madsen, Paige McGarvin, Juliana DeStefano, and Jack Pearson, SHARK SEASON tells the following story:

A great white shark relentlessly stalks three kayakers out on a remote island. As they wait for help to arrive, the tide starts to rise, forcing them back into the deadly waters. Now the race is on as shark threatens to pick them off on the way back to the mainland.

The screenplay was written by Mark Atkins, who is no stranger to shark movies. His filmography includes SAND SHARKS, PLANET OF THE SHARKS, EMPIRE OF THE SHARKS, and 6-HEADED SHARK ATTACK.

SHARK SEASON was produced by David Rimawi, David Michael Latt, and Paul Bales for The Asylum.

Shark Season

Source: Arrow in the Head

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