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Patrick (Movie Review)

PLOT: A nurse is intrigued by a comatose patient who she eventually learns has telekinetic abilities… and an unhealthy fixation with her. REVIEW: If you like your horror movies crazier than a sack of cats than PATRICK (or PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS) will probably be for you. Mark Hartley's remake of the 1978 Ozploitation cult classic is big on spooky atmosphere, melodrama and...
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Eye popping viral footage from Mark Hartley's Patrick: Evil Awakens

Just yesterday we hit you guys with an exclusive clip from Mark Hartley's remake PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS featuring the one and only Sharni Vinson in which she interviews for a job at the psychiatric hospital. It would be in your best interest to take a quick peek at that clip if you missed it—see it HERE ! With that out of the way, it's time to turn your attention towards...
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Evil awakens in the official trailer for Patrick

We now have an official trailer to go along with the release date for Mark Hartley's newly subtitled PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS . That release date, in case you missed it, will see the remake hit select theaters as well as VOD platforms on March 14th, which is much sooner than we anticipated! You will be able to find the official trailer below where we see YOU'RE NEXT 's Sharni...
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Phase 4 Films acquires Patrick remake

THR is reporting some good news today as Mark Hartley's PATRICK remake has been acquired by Phase 4 Films and Uncork'd Entertainment for U.S. and Canadian rights. After making its U.S. debut last month at Fantastic Fest, it's nice to see this one get snatched up because it looks like a solid retelling of the classic Australian thriller. We still don't have a solid...
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Patrick remake shows off the goods in first trailer

Mark Hartley's remake of the Aussie cult classic PATRICK is in the can and ready to come to life. A trailer for the film, which stars Sharni Vinson, Charles Dance and Rachel Griffiths, has been uncovered and can be viewed conveniently at the bottom of this article. Flick actually appears to be pretty faithful and rather sharp. What do you think? After killing his mother and her lover...
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First look at Jackson Gallagher As Mark Hartley's Patrick

With remakes abound and a new one seemingly announced every other week, there are very few that horror buffs can truly be excited about. One remake/reimagining that does give a glimmer of hope is director Mark Hartley's PATRICK, based on Richard Franklin's 1978 Ozploitation film of the same name. While we've seen and heard very little from the flick (the above image being one of the very...
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