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AMC has set up a writers room for possible Joe Hill series NOS4A2

Back in December of 2015, we shared the news that AMC had started developing a television series based on Joe Hill's supernatural horror novel NOS4A2 . The project was set to be produced by AMC Studios and Michael Eisner's Tornante TV, but at the time they were still looking for a writer to crack the adaptation. Last August, the network hired writer/producer Jami O'Brien,...
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Joe Hill's NOS4A2 to become AMC series

Not content with the two biggest zombie shows on the planet, AMC television has put another spooky property into development: Joe Hill's  NOS4A2 . The novel, published in 2013, shows off that Hill can put his own creative spin on tales that seem superficially similar to his father, Stephen King's. The show, which is also being produced by Tornante TV,...
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Cool Horror Videos: Joe Hill takes you into the world of NOS4A2

Here's a clever little trailer for Joe Hill's upcoming novel NOS4A2 ; Hill (looking like his dad Stephen King more than ever) describes the plot of the book while a few choice visuals help build the world for you and set-up the story's freaky villain. You'll even get a look at Hill airing out his motorcycle, helping to prove that he's a bigger badass than you and I put together....
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Get a taste of Joe Hill's upcoming novel NOS4A2

Joe Hill, son of the legendary Stephen King, has a new novel coming out called NOS4A2 and i09 has just landed an exclusive look at the heavily-anticipated novel. It took me a second, but once I figured out how to pronounce the title I got all sorts of excited. Nosferatu. This will be Hill's follow up novel to HORNS which is currently shooting with Daniel Radcliffe as the lead...
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Wanna learn how to get a signed copy of Joe Hill's NOS4A2?

Many fans of horror films are also avid fans of the literary world of the genre with bookshelves lined with terror-filled tales right next to the shelves housing our collections of DVDs and Blu-Rays, and we eagerly anticipate the next releases from our favorite authors just as cinemaphiles foam at the mouth for the newest flick from their cinematic heroes. One novel that many of us are...
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