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Turbo Kid (Movie Review)

PLOT: It is 1997 and most of mankind has become a distant memory. The world has turned into a BMK riding society hell bent on survival at all cost. Yet when a teen simply known as “The Kid” discovers the remains of one of his idols, the comic book hero “Turbo Man,” he takes his suit and begins his quest for justice along with a strange young woman he has met on...
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George Miller talks Mad Max Fury Road release date & Mel Gibson cameo

A couple weeks ago news dropped in that George Miller's MAD MAX: FURY ROAD will be released in May of 2015. Well, sir George is opening up a bit on exactly why... That's right folks. Miller has taken to The Sydney Morning Herald to explain why, despite being finished after an arduous shoot, we have to wait until 2015 to see the sucker. And you know what? The reason is actually...
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Tom Cruise is running from something in this new Oblivion pic

OBLIVION looks like the post-apocalyptic bee's knees. The sci-fi actioner will surely wow us with the always reliable Tom Cruise, dynamic direction from TRON: LEGACY's Joseph Kosinski, and Morgan Freeman's ability to look badass while wearing sunglasses (see above). What else do you need to get you primed for this flick? How about a prerequisite shot of Tom Cruise running? Yes,...
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Ellen Page set to walk Into The Forest in new post-apocalyptic thriller

Lilliputian cutie Ellen Page is headed INTO THE FOREST ... Variety has broken the news that, yes, Ms. Page (seen below) will star in the post-apocalyptic thriller INTO THE FOREST, based on the novel by Jean Hegland. Since the news was broken via Twitter, not a whole lot more is known at this time. Who will direct, produce, co-star...all up in the air at this point. As for the...
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Fox 2000 set to adapt post-apocalyptic YA novel Reboot

Two successive letters always raise red flags around here: the dreaded YA. With that said, it seems Fox 2000 is trying to REBOOT the perception with their newest zombie-tinged post-apocalypse. That's right yo, Amy Tintera's YA novel REBOOT is soon to get the big-screen treatment. Development executive turned writer Lindsay Devlin will adapt the book into a filmable script. Chernin...
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Resident Evil producers prepare a different kind of apocalypse with The Dog Stars

Constantin Film, the production company behind the RESIDENT EVIL series, has acquired the film rights to THE DOG STARS , the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic debut novel by journalist Peter Heller. Don't go thinking they'll be mining the same territory as the RESIDENT flicks, however. DOG STARS looks like it takes a more thoughtful, if still suspenseful, approach to the end of the...
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