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Necessary Evil: Self-Aware Haunting Movie

Howdy all! Welcome back to another rendition of horror that has to happen! I enjoyed reading everyone's reaction to our last Memorial Day Necessary Evil . This Friday sees the release of James Wan's The Conjuring 2 , which I hear is fantastic! So, in the spirit of the latest haunted home/possession film hitting theaters, we decided to offer our own version of the...
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Original Vs. Remake: The Exorcist Prequel

Everyone seemed to be in full agreement with the victor of our last Original Vs. Remake centering on The Blob. The masses felt that the remake did outdo the original in basically every possible way. The gnarly effects were a big reason why. Today, we have a most interesting Original Vs. Remake battle for your reading pleasure. With Deliver Us From Evil the only film occupying...
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Kill of the Day: Dead Alive (1992)

Before THE LORD OF THE RINGS the one and only Peter Jackson actually found a home in our beloved genre with the classic zombie flick DEAD ALIVE (or BRAINDEAD if you want). I'm sure many of you out there are familiar with this one and I'm willing to bet many of you out there even like this one more than that RINGS trilogy. Hell, I don't blame you! DEAD ALIVE is awesome! For today's Kill...
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Face-Off: The Exorcism of Emily Rose Vs. The Last Exorcism

It was nice to see a little mutual love for both Bloody Valentine's in our last Face-Off . I, too truly am a fan of both and it was tough picking a winner. The comments sort of balanced out the same way as well between the remake and the original. So much love! With The Last Last Exorcism, I mean The Last Exorcism 2 (how paradoxical) opening this past Friday, it only felt right to...
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