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Leonardo DiCaprio's Twilight Zone film gains momentum & new writer

While Christine Lavaf is a name you might not recognize, that may all change here soon as not only did she sell three original spec pilots last year, but she was also a contributor to Michael Dougherty's GODZILLA 2 writers’ room, and now she has been tapped to write THE TWILIGHT ZONE movie! While Warner Bros. has been developing a film based on the classic series since 2009,...
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Cool Horror Gear: Fright Rags enters The Twilight Zone; new shirts, box set

Fright-Rags has brought us some of the coolest horror-themed gear in the past and they're showing no signs of slowing down as they continue to roll out some great T-shirts and box sets. Their latest is just another example of why we love Fright-Rags as they have traveled through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind, to bring us some of the coolest...
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Cool Horror Videos: Behind the scenes of 1983's Twilight Zone: The Movie

“When you think about 'The Twilight Zone,' you really only think about one thing, and that’s Rod Serling.” While the above quote (from Joe Dante on the set of 1983's TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE) may be true for most, thanks to viewing TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE as an impressionable (and easily scared) youngster I also think about that freaky gremlin on...
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The Twilight Zone: The Complete 80's Series coming to DVD in August

There's no denying that Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone" is one of the greatest television series of all time, but some of our readers may have grown up on the first of two revivals of that classic program which ran from 1985 to 1989. Now RLJ Entertainment's Image brand is set to bring the complete 80's series to DVD with the release of "The Twilight...
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The Twilight Zone: Essential Episodes DVD coming in July

Image Entertainment has announced the release of "The Twilight Zone: Essential Episodes" (55th Anniversary Collection), the ultimate must-have collection for any Twilight Zone fan. This very special collection features some of the most memorable episodes from Rod Serling's legendary series exploring the fantastic and the frightening. Unforgettable episodes include “Time Enough at...
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Top 10 Best Horror/Sci-fi TV Shows!

Quick question: which medium is currently putting out better entertainment, horror/sci-fi movies or horror/sci-fi television? Not so easy, is it. In the last 5 to 7 years or so, the small-screen has been at the forefront of fostering cutting edge genre material - often original, some spinoff - with many new shows ascending to ungodly levels of popularity over that span. Hell, "The Walking...
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The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series coming to DVD next month

How many of you grew up on the twisted tales of "The Twilight Zone", whether it be the original series or one of the revival series that have aired throughout the years? I know I did! My introduction was the 1985-1989 series, but over the years I have found myself catching marathons of the original groundbreaking series and even own a couple of the seasons on DVD. Now all 156...
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JJ Abrams and Rod Serling create a TV series together!

Okay, perhaps the title of the article is a tad misleading, but here's something for sci-fi/fantasy geeks everywhere to get excited about: J.J. Abrams is developing Rod Serling's final screenplay, titled THE STOPS ALONG THE WAY , for television. His Bad Robot production company is planning on making it into an event series through their deal at Warner Bros. It must be stated that...
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UK fans: The New Twilight Zone Complete Collection is hitting DVD in April

For genre fans "The Twilight Zone" was always one of the best offerings television had to offer in terms of groundbreaking storytelling and genuine thrills and chills. The classic series has seen several revivals throughout the years, a feature film and another possible upcoming big-screen treatment along with another possible small screen incarnation . While most herald the original...
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The Twilight Zone being rebooted by Bryan Singer and CBS

Your next stop... The Twilight Zone?! Despite having been revived twice since originally airing from 1959-1964, "The Twilight Zone" will get another shot at the small-screen, various sources report. Bryan Singer (X-MEN, THE USUAL SUSPECTS) will executive produce, develop and possibly direct the pilot of the rebooted series, which is set up at CBS TV Studios. The project is...
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