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Horror Whores: The Covenant (2006)

How do you guys and gals feel about the 2006 witch flick THE COVENANT? Personally I felt the movie was a bit of a let down and followed along the lines of every other tween horror flick around that time. In retrospect it's not completely terrible. For one thing there aren't many witch flicks out there, nevermind good ones. Secondly it stars Laura Ramsey! For today's Horror Whores we get...

Kill of the Day: Battleship (2012)

I usually give those big blockbuster sci-fi flicks a pass because... well... they're big blockbuster sci-fi flicks. But BATTLESHIP was just painful. Truth be told I couldn't even finish it, and that doesn't happen often. Regardless of me finishing the film or not Kill of the Day ranges a wide variety of genre flicks so today I chose BATTLESHIP and this pretty awesome scene where the...

Taylor Kitsch to take Exit 147

Taylor Kitsch, who broke out with his portrayal of troubled high school football star Tim Riggins on NBC's acclaimed television series "Friday Night Lights" and later appeared in the subpar BATTLESHIP and the better-than-expected JOHN CARTER, is about to shed his pretty-boy image by appearing in the serial killer thriller EXIT 147, from director Julian Jarrold. Bloody Disgusting had...

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