Waco: The Aftermath: Michael Shannon returns in follow-up to the Showtime series in new trailer

The events of the Waco massacre lead to reprisals as Timothy McVeigh rallies his men in the trailer of the MIchael Shannon series.

Before Michael Shannon returns as villain, General Zod, in The Flash, he makes a return to deal with emboldened domestic terrorists in Waco: The Aftermath, the follow-up show to Showtime’s six-part mini-series, Waco. A trailer can be seen in the embed above. The new chapters in the story follow the events in the wake of the siege at Mount Carmel. The focus centers around the trials of the surviving members of the Branch Davidians and anger from the public who felt the feds had gone a little too far. In it, Shannon once again plays FBI negotiator Gary Noesner.

Michael Shannon is joined by a large ensemble in the cast including John Leguizamo (returning for the first series), Giovanni Ribisi, David Costabile, J. Smith Cameron, John Hoogenakker, Keean Johnson (as a young David Koresh in flashbacks), and Abbey Lee. Additional cast members include Shea Whigham (also returning from the first series), Gary Cole and more.

Waco: The Aftermath is looking to connect the rise of Timothy McVeigh and the emerging “Patriot” movement of the devastating Oklahoma City bombing to the Waco massacre. The trailer showcases haunting signs of actions from extremists, with a group of men practicing their aim on ATF-labeled targets, in addition to McVeigh addressing his patriots with a personally signed note. As well as showcasing notes for their next attack and culminating in the tense moments leading up to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Waco: The Aftermath will premiere on Showtime’s streaming and on-demand platforms on April 14, before airing on Showtime itself at 10pm on April 16.

Waco: The Aftermath, starring Michael Shannon, gets a teaser trailer and an April premiere date on Showtime

Source: Collider

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