100 scariest scenes

I took a class in university called 'Film as a Mass Medium' and because my prof (shout out to Trevor Ponech) was such a cool, buff (dude has massive arms) guy, he chose to devote the whole course to horror movies. We watched staples like THE SHINING and that one with the shower scene (forget what it's called) and then some cultier fare like CARNIVAL OF SOULS and NOSFERATU. And when I wasn't busy staring at my crush, who always sat three rows down, seven seats to the left, I was busy getting the crap scared out of me (I'm talking actual pants shittage). Point is, I love scary movies, and in today's age of cookie-cutter horror movies its rare that scenes reach that true pinnacle of terror (again, the shower scene). Luckily for all of us, the good people at Retrocrush.com have compiled a list of the 100 scariest scenes of all time, complete with pictures (sometimes video), and a brief description, all organized in a swift little thumbnail gallery, for your navigating pleasure. Check it out HERE and let me know if they missed anything.
Extra Tidbit: The scariest scene ever in a movie for me is one that I've never seen before: the insect scene in KING KONG. That was the biggest 'tell me when it's over' I've ever had, although I suppose that's being grossed out more than actually scared. Whatever
Source: Retrocrush



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