1st Alba Eye pics

This is no fair! I wanna write a Comic-Con story too! Waaaaah! Instead I have to settle for stupid Jessica Alba pics in her stupid new movie THE EYE! Waaaaah!

Wait a second. What the hell am I talking about? I love Jessica Alba and I'm sure THE EYE is going to be a fantastic film. I just got a little bitter and jealous that I wasn't at Comic-Con. That was pety and childish of me, and for that I apologize to Jessica Alba and the filmmakers of THE EYE. I'd like to make it up to them by presenting the first official shots from the film, which Bloody-Disgusting is hosting over at their site. Jessica looks great as usual, especially when she's screaming at her oven, but it's clear this thing won't be another INTO THE BLUE, which was basically a swimsuit shoot with a higher budget.

THE EYE is another Japanese horror remake, where Alba plays a blind violinist who gets a cornea transplant and can finally see for the first time. But then she starts seeing some messed up shit, death and the like. So as she's plunging into insanity, she's gotta find out who was the previous owner of her eyes. Neat. The film hits theatres February 1st and you can click on Jessica's skull to see the pics in their entirety.

Extra Tidbit: Word has it that Jessica Alba is single again. I call first dibs!



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