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5 minutes of Frog


P&F poster

The more I write about Disney's THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG the more I'm eager to see it and to see whether it'll bring back the genre where BEAUTY & THE BEAST among others excelled. AND I'm hoping to watch Keith David do his song at the Oscars - Love that guy!

Like lots of films lately, the studio released the first 5 minutes online probably in hopes of getting more people into the mood. I gotta say if you're not looking forward to it that footage won't do much for you, on top of being kinda not completed... still, it's free a sneak peek.

Here's that clip below, with the full trailer OVER HERE. The film opens in wide release on December 11. So What'd you guys think?

Extra Tidbit: That cat in the clip looks an awful like the one Izma turns into in EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE. That one is so darn funny!
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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