A Forest at Night

Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker is in talks to join Keanu Reeves in the upcoming cop drama THE NIGHT WATCHMAN. In the film, Reeves will play a cop who suddenly comes to question the violent and ruthless tactics that got him to his current position. Whitaker will play a colleague who runs a vice squad. The film would reteam Whitaker with Fox Searchlight, the studio where he won his Best Actor Oscar for THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND. David Ayer, who mined similar ground in his script for TRAINING DAY, will write and direct the film. Whitaker recently signed on to star in WINGED CREATURES with Kate Beckinsale proving once and for all that there is life after BATTLEFIELD EARTH. Except for Barry Pepper. Whatever happened to that guy? Filming on WATCHMAN is scheduled to begin in May (which should also put to bed rumors of Reeves starring as Racer X in the Wachowskis' SPEED RACER).

Extra Tidbit: Spike Lee was originally scheduled to direct this film but dropped out giving Ayer the chance to step into the chair.
Source: Variety



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