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I have no idea where the people from Twitch got that, maybe it was sent directly to them -they don't say- but the site posted an open letter apparently from BLACK DYNAMITE himself, Michael Jai White, where he both thanks and appeals to the movie's fans.

Here it is, in hopefully his on words:

Dear Black Dynamite fans:

I can tell by watching the activity on the Internet that people around the world are eager to see Black Dynamite.  

It is our fans who have helped us get the word out thus far, and we greatly appreciate the love and support they have shown us.  

As I am sure you know, an early cut of the movie has leaked on the Internet, and seems to be quite popular.  Last I checked, the comments on Twitter and Facebook have been only positive.  I love that the buzz on the web is so good, and that we have so many new fans.  But I would like to stress that the version of the film online is NOT the final cut.

The final cut of Black Dynamite, which is currently in theaters, is the way director Scott Sanders and I envisioned the movie.  It is the film we are proud of, and the one we want to share with audiences worldwide.  

Believe me, if you or people you know like the rough cut of Black Dynamite you saw online, you will love the final cut of the film that is in theatres now

If you love the version you saw online, then support the film and buy a t-shirt (http://www.blackdynamitemovie.com/store-main).

My sincere thanks.

Best regards,

Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite)

Extra Tidbit: Anybody here seen it? Let me know if I should.
Source: Twitch



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