A lot more Dick for us

What's your favourite Phillip K. Dick film adaptation? Everyone's gotta have one. Mine is without a doubt MINORITY REPORT. A SCANNER DARKLY, TOTAL RECALL, PAYCHECK, and BLADE RUNNER are some of your other choices (which one of those does not belong?). I'm asking you this question, because a company called Halcyon has just signed a three year first-look deal with Electric Shepherd Productions to adapt any Phillip K. Dick work that hasn't already been filmed.

Electric Shepherd is run by two of Dick's daughters, and they have to the rights to his 45 novels and over 120 short stories, so as you can see, there's a huge amount of Dick left. So far his films have grossed over $ $1 billion at the box office and if they stick to getting talented filmmakers to adapt his work, there's no reason why this trend shouldn't continue.

Extra Tidbit: Halcyon just bought the rights to the TERMINATOR franchise and are apparently developing the first film in a new trilogy.
Source: Variety



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