A new Stepfather

Most weekdays that end in "y" bring more horror remake news, and today ends in "y". So yeah, more horror remake news...

As we first heard last year, the 80s domestic thriller THE STEPFATHER is getting a fresh face, but things have been quiet until recently. Now we know who's knocking out the new script: J.S. Cardone. Not a real surprise, as the remake is with Screen Gems, and Cardone has penned two of their latest, THE COVENANT (umm...) and their currently shooting update of PROM NIGHT. The writer says he'll take a dark approach that's closer to the actual events that inspired the first movie.

The rather solid original flick involves a teenage girl whose new stepdad seems mild-mannered but ultimately shows his more psychopathic side. The family nutjob was portrayed by Terry O'Quinn in an early lead role before he went on to a prosperous career as a character actor, culminating with his compelling (and occasionally episode-salvaging) part on LOST.
Extra Tidbit: O'Quinn returned for the STEPFATHER sequel, but wisely skipped the straight-to-cable third movie.



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