Across the Salma

The first trailer for the Julie Taymor-directed and Evan Rachel Wood-starring ACROSS THE UNIVERSE recently made its way over to Yahoo and it can best be described as a surrealistic orgy of colorful Beatles musical numbers, love, drama, war, disturbing ethereal dreamscapes and of course, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. And to make matters exponentially more enjoyable, it apparently features five Salma Hayek's in naughty nurse outfits. Five Salma's in naughty nurse outfits is quite possibly the greatest fantasy ever concocted and for that, we bow to the greatness of Julie Taymor. Though we can't take the credit for spotting our very own Madonna of the Cans. All thanks to Pepe for pointing her out. Click on any Salma to check out the trailer. The film opens September 28th.

Across the Universe

Extra Tidbit: The Beatles song the film take its name from first appeared as a charity single in December 1969, and later became a breakout track on the album "Let It Be."
Source: Yahoo Movies



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