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Adult Swim releases trailer for new season of Samurai Jack


I unfortunately missed out on SAMURAI JACK when it first aired, putting my energies into other cartoons at the time. Which is a shame, because I have so many friends vouching for it, and from what I've seen the action and animation does indeed look sleek and fun. There's just so much I have to catch up on...

Regardless of my personal feelings, however, a new season is coming to Adult Swim, and they have just released a trailer for it. Let's have a look:

Wow. Things look all kinds of f*cked up. It's much grittier and bloodier than I remember it being. I guess I'll definitely check out the other seasons now, because this looks pretty badass!

But what about you Schmoes? You down for more SAMURAI JACK? Sound off below!

Anyway, Jack's back on Cartoon Network March 11th, 2017 at 11pm EST.

Extra Tidbit: Phil LaMarr (Marvin from PULP FICTION) does the voice of Samurai Jack.
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