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Alice equips akimbo Rangers in first Resident Evil: Afterlife stills


Like it or not, the fourth RESIDENT EVIL film is coming, and yes, they're continuing to not number them in hopes you forget how many they're making.

We now have a first look at the film in the form of a batch of stills courtesy of MySpace. Props to those of you who understood my Modern Warfare 2 reference in the title. I f*cking hate akimbo shotgunners incidentally, and believe there’s a special circle in video game hell for them.

The pics don’t show a whole hell of a lot other than Alice looking badass and one fearsome new monster, but it is worth noting that Ali Larter’s Claire Redfield is back. No, I have no idea what the hell is going on with that sunglasses picture. Who's being reflected there?

Extra Tidbit: I know everyone shits on it, but I actually prefer SILENT HILL to the first RESIDENT EVIL.
Source: MySpace



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