Allen drives me Crazy

For all those like me who've been terrified by some of Tim Allen's recent acting efforts (WILD HOGS, THE SHAGGY DOG), prepare to be a little more frightened: Tim Allen is now directing. Allen has signed on to make his feature directorial debut on the indie comedy CRAZY ON THE OUTSIDE. The film will star Allen alongside Ray Liotta, Carrie-Anne Moss, Julie Bowen and Kelsey Grammer in a laffer about a recent prison parolee who finds life on the outside even wackier than life in the klink. It's like THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION except in comedy form and starring former sitcom stars. Allen's only previous directing credit was a 1999 episode of "Home Improvement" and if you can direct the acting force that is Jonathan Taylor Thomas, you're a-OK in the world. Allen recently wrapped filming on David Mamet's REDBELT (holy cow, a Tim Allen movie I'm not dreading?!) and has the comedy THE SIX WIVES OF HENRY LEFAY coming as well. Allen is also reprising his voice role as Buzz Lightyear in Pixar's TOY STORY 3. Filming on CRAZY is expected to begin later this month in Los Angeles.

Extra Tidbit: I once sat behind Tim Allen at a screening of V FOR VENDETTA.
Source: Variety



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