Angry Birds iPhone game becoming film, don't act surprised

Is it even worth it to start this post off with "they're making MOVIES out of APPS now?" I already spent that card when the MAFIA WARS movie was announced, and don't act like the FARMVILLE movie isn't lurking on the horizon.

But this is probably the first straight up iPhone GAME to get it's own feature, and I'm bummed that if they did pick a game to convert, it wasn't PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES. I would watch that movie.

Anyway, ANGRY BIRDS is a game where you launch various shapes and sizes of birds at structures made of lumber, ice and stone and try to crush the pigs living in them. Apparently these pigs have barbequed the birds' eggs, and now they must die. This is enough of a plot to write a movie for I guess.

The game is a hit, and has close to 20 million downloads for the iPhone and iPad, and the creator seems to think that this will be a cash cow for ages. I would give you a quote from him, but it's locked behind the moronic Variety paywall. Guess I used up my one article view a month yesterday, don't feel like shelling out $28 for site use for the rest of the month. Needless to say, he's pumped about the potential for the franchise, and wants to make the thing into a multimedia empire spanning all platforms. It will take years for the film to actually be released, but word is it might actually be claymation.

Here's a trailer for the game so you know what you can expect from a film:

Extra Tidbit: The triangle bird looks like Bert from Bert and Ernie
Source: Variety



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