Banderas as Dali?

Few historical figures have been as polarizing as the surrealist painter Salvador Dali. His work, sometimes contraversial but always captivating, helped propel an artistic movement into the mainstream and his personal antics helped solidify his status as a cultural icon. Shoot. Maybe I should write this script.

Antonio Banderas is set to star in the planned biopic (whose script I may or may not be writing), simply titled DALI, and to be directed by Simon West. It will explore Dali's use of surrealism, sin and sex to conquer America. The same three things Barack Obama used just days ago.

Although Banderas seems born to play the Spanish iconoclast, he'll be up against some stiff competition, as two other Dali biopics are in the pipeline. First, Al Pacino in DALI AND I: THE SURREAL STORY, and then Robert Pattinson in LITTLE ASHES. May the best depraved lunatic with a flair for colour win!
Extra Tidbit: DALI will also focus on the artist's torrid relationship with his wife/muse/manager, Gala
Source: Variety



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