Barbarella gets Writer

Sweet Jane

Seems that a Barbarella remake has been threatened for ever, at one point having Drew Barrymore looking to "fill" Jane Fonda's...shoes, then Rob Rodriguez hoping to direct his Rose in space. But this time it's serious, or at least THE UGLY TRUTH director Robert Luketic is. Whether that's a good thing or not.

The director along with original film and remake producer Dino De Laurentiis have contracted newcomer Joe Gazzam to update the story and script with an eye toward less camp yet just as much clothing. Or lack thereof.

Barbarella debuted as a French comic character in 1962, then of course became an icon of the late 60s' free spirit under the skin of Jane Fonda. By 2004, with none of the remake attempts baring fruits, a musical adaptation was staged with tunes by Eurythmics' Dave Stewart. Not to mention an 80's pretty boys pop band whose name came from the film. Should this latest attempt be successful, who will be the sexy lady?

Extra Tidbit: Dino De Laurentiis turns 90 this Saturday, and he's still producing movies. Makes it even more heartbreaking that John Hughes passed away at only 59.



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