Bat puffin' on a Blunt?

Now that Katie Holmes is officially out of THE DARK KNIGHT, let the speculation and rumormongering begin as to who her replacement will be. The rumor du jour is that DEVIL WEARS PRADA star and Golden Globe nominee Emily Blunt is the current frontrunner for the role. Cinema Blend reports that director Christopher Nolan is "impressed" with her and will be bringing her in to read alongside Bale, the final step before an official casting. I still haven't seen PRADA so I'm not all that familiar with Blunt's work (though I have done some research) but I guess I like the choice. I mean really anyone at this point would be an improvement over Holmes who, God bless her, was an albatross around the neck of BATMAN BEGINS. Don't expect to hear a formal announcement on casting for KNIGHT for a while but if you want to read more about the rumor, you can click here to head to Cinema Blend. THE DARK KNIGHT is scheduled to start shooting in Chicago later this summer.

Extra Tidbit: For educational purposes only, this is how you roll a blunt.
Source: Cinema Blend



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